New and exciting mobile solution


Add cellphones to your Echo solution and get the full overview of your employess' devices.

About Echo's Mobile Solution

It has been possible to gain an overview of your laptops and Macs for a long time, but now we have added the functionality to add your cellphones and tablets to that overview as well.

Echo can show you the data about which and how many devices each employee is in possession of, and it is possible to add notifications/alarms or reporting and so much more - to help you grow your business by optimizing your devices and device management. Alarms can be set up to notify you when there are changes to any user for example in the operator, network or SIM card.

iOS, Android and more

Many companies already use Microsoft Intune as a Mobile Device/Application Management tool, and now you can combine that tool with Echo, to any mobile device with iOS, Android or other. The overview in the dashboard is created by gathering data directly from Microsoft and combines it with the data from laptops and other stationary devices for the ultimate asset overview.

All of it can of course be integrated directly into your ITSM or be shown in Power BI - depending on your demands. If we do not have an integration for your ITSM system, please reach out and we will work on adding to our repertoire.

Are you interested in knowing more about the Mobile Solution? Then contact us now.

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