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Mastering Complexity in Large-Scale Environments

Harness Full Control and Strategic Insight into Your IT Assets

Welcome to the future of IT Asset Management (ITAM) with Echo by NetCloud. Designed for complex companies with extensive IT infrastructures, Echo delivers advanced solutions for optimizing procurement, planning replacements, and automating essential processes in both onboarding and offboarding scenarios. Experience unparalleled control and efficiency in managing every aspect of your IT assets.

Advanced Capacity & Availability Management

Ensure optimal performance and availability of all IT assets. Echo's sophisticated tools analyze usage patterns and predict needs, allowing for precise capacity planning and resource allocation.

Enhanced Device Telemetry

Gain deep insights with Echo's real-time telemetry. Monitor health, performance, and utilization rates of all devices across your network. Use this data to make informed decisions about asset refresh cycles and maintenance needs.

A New Paradigm in IT Asset Management

Streamlined Device Lifecycle Management: From procurement to disposal, Echo ensures that every asset is tracked, maintained, and utilized efficiently. Reduce costs and enhance sustainability by extending the life of your IT equipment through proactive management.

Automated On- & Offboarding

Automated Onboarding and Offboarding: Echo automates the entire lifecycle of user access and device management, ensuring smooth transitions for new hires and secure offboarding for departing employees. Save time and reduce errors with workflows tailored to your organization’s needs.


Build a Resilient IT Infrastructure with Proactive ITAM

Echo's ITAM capabilities are more than just tracking assets; they are about creating a resilient, responsive, and responsible IT environment. By integrating Echo into your IT strategy, you empower your organization with the tools to:

Optimize Procurement Processes

Make informed purchasing decisions based on comprehensive data analytics, reducing underutilization and unnecessary expenditures.

Plan for Equipment Replacement

Echo’s predictive analytics help you identify when assets are nearing the end of their useful life, planning replacements in advance to avoid downtime and maintain productivity.

Ensure Compliance and Security 

Keep your network compliant with the latest industry standards and secure from potential threats with automated updates and consistent policy enforcement across all devices.

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Ensuring High Data Quality

Ensuring High Data Quality In the sprawling landscape of modern IT environments, the diversity and volume of endpoints – from mobile devices and laptops – pose significant challenges for data quality management. High data quality is crucial for informed decision-making, compliance, security, and operational efficiency. Direct data collection from these myriad endpoints, therefore, becomes not […]

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Automate Your IT Asset Management Decision Data

Automate Your IT Asset Management Decision data As businesses grow and technology evolves, managing IT assets efficiently becomes increasingly complex. Traditional asset management methods often fall short in the face of this complexity, leading to inefficiencies, unnecessary costs, and increased risks. However, the integration of data from endpoints with ITSM systems like ServiceNow and TOPdesk […]

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Proactive IT Security – Your First Line of Defense

Proactive IT SecurityYour First Line of Defense In today’s digital world, the landscape of cybersecurity threats is constantly evolving. Traditional reactive security measures are no longer sufficient to protect businesses from the myriad of cyber threats they face daily. This shift necessitates a more proactive approach to IT security, where threats are anticipated and mitigated […]

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NetCloud received the important ISAE 3000 statement

NetCloud A/S is happy to announce that we have obtained an ISAE3000 declaration This statement demonstrates our commitment to data protection and adherence to high security and privacy standards. The declaration can be seen as a quality seal of our data security, as it clarifies and confirms our targeted efforts to process personal data per […]

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NetCloud at Digitaliseringsmessen

Participate in Digitaliseringsmessen In the latest years we have had to change the way we work, and the digital technology plays a big role in this development. We work more from home, have become better at utilizing new technology and are becoming used to working cross channels.   But what are the next steps and […]

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NetCloud focuses on Echo – sells off NaaS business area to Wingmen Solutions

Wingmen Solutions boosts growth with a new business area: Takes over activities from NetCloud The Danish Cisco partner Wingmen Solutions takes over a business area of the IT company NetCloud and thereby strengthens its position within Managed Services. Wingmen Solutions has taken over the Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) business from NetCloud and is thus expanding its position […]

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NetCloud at TOPdesk on Tour

Participate in TOPdesk on Tour – and connect with both TOPdesk and NetCloud In the latest years we have had to change the way we work, and the digital technology plays a big role in this development. We work more from home, have become better at utilizing new technology and are becoming used to working […]

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Municipality of Lyngby-Taarbæk

Guesswork was replaced by live data in Municipality of Lyngby-Taarbæk With more than 6,000 devices, the IT department of Municipality of Lyngby-Taarbæk has a lot of work on its plate. But whereas earlier important decisions about purchasing new equipment and upgrading programs where based on guesses, now precise data are the foundation for the municipality’s […]

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5 Amazing Reasons to Automate Your Processes

AUTOMATIZE. STRATEGIZE. WIN. Automatize the manual processes and focus on more value-adding tasks instead. Automate Your Processes and Grow Your Business Automation is the future of business operations, and for good reason. You can streamline the whole system which decreases the possibility of human errors and increases both work quality and the speed of the […]

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Discover the Benefits of Echo for Your Business

Visit our Features Page to explore in-depth how Echo can tailor its capabilities to your specific needs or check out our Case Studies to see how other large-scale enterprises have transformed their IT asset management with Echo.

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“At NetCloud, we believe that a strong ITAM strategy is the backbone of successful IT operations, especially in complex and demanding environments. Echo is here to ensure your IT assets are managed with precision, foresight, and efficiency, turning your IT challenges into opportunities for growth and innovation. Trust Echo to be the solution you need for a robust and sustainable IT future.”

Brian Luplau, CEO, NetCloud

Transform Your Asset Management with Echo

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Endpoints such as PCs and cell phones are a heavy burden for both the economy and the environment and are seldomly utilized fully. On average, companies save 8% of their endpoint purchases by using Echo.

Let us show you how Echo by NetCloud can streamline your operations, reduce costs, and enhance the overall efficiency of your IT department.

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