Boost efficiency by automatizing processes directly in your ITSM

Many repetitive manual processes can be automaized with Echo. This can free up valuable time to do other work. There are a number of ways to automatize these tasks directly in your ITSM, and we have visualized a few of them here. They may not suit your company, but it may inspire you to find new and more clever ways to set things up in your organization.

Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you are interested in discussing or setting up automated flows that are not on this page.

Check battery status

Onboarding new employees

Offboarding employees

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5 Amazing Reasons to Automate Your Processes

Automating processes can completely transform the way your forego your work day. By removing the human aspect and trusting the IT tools available, you can create  a partly or completely atuomated workflow.

You can streamline the whole system which decreases the possibility of human errors and increases both work quality and the speed of the processes. By automatizing your processes and utilizing your devices better, you also make the workflows more green and sustainable. Ultimately, it saves money and simplifies the entire process.

  • Streamline workflow
  • Decrease risk of human error
  • Increase work quality and speed
  • Minimize costs
  • Be more environmentally responsible

"We draft our thoughts and NetCloud transfers them directly to Echo. They are good at customising the solution so that it can handle the specific needs we have at Solar An off-the-shelf product is not good enough for us and NetCloud meets that need for us,”.

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Frank Christensen
Solar Group

"We use Echo to check that security procedures like Bitlocker are actually running as they should on all units. This works very well for us. We even found a mistake in the way we asked for our SCCM based on Echo reporting an error and our SCCM reported that everything was just fine.”

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Kim Sørensen
Dansk Erhverv

"The lawyers at Accura use the computers in their work so they contain potentially critical data. So, we have built a defence mechanism where we remain in full control of the units, also if it happens that we are no longer in possession of them”.

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Morten Andersen

Battery check flow chart

Battery Check

The advantages of this setup are many, but the most important ones are that it can assist in replacement planning projects, saving costs by proactively replace faulty batteries under warranty and to increase the user experience in genereal.

Onboarding new Employees to the Company

Recruiting and onboarding any new employee is a time-consuming task, but luckily some of it can be automatised with Echo. The main advantages for you is that your stock is always updated, any old devices will be returned in time and reused or wiped. It can also be a help in making managers aware of the costs spent on new equipment.

Onboarding flowchart
Offboarding employees flowchart

Offboarding Employees

When offboarding employees it can be difficult to minimize data loss and there is often a risk of equipment not being returned. This can also be avoided with Echo activated on all devices. Old devices can be locked in order to ensure their returnment for reuse or wiping - depending on their condition and content. Further, managers can keep an eye on any outstanding equipment.

ITSM Integration

These flows are all managed directly in your favourite ITSM system. There are many advantages to boosting your ITSM with Echo, and you can read much more about it or contact us now, if you want us to show exactly what we can do for your organization.

If you have ServiceNow - read more about our ServiceNow integration here.

If you are using TOPdesk - you can learn more about the TOPdesk integration here.

If you have a 4me - you can read more about the 4me integration right here.

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