Automate Your Application Security with Echo: Less Work, More Control

In the dynamic world of IT security, vigilance is key. Yet, the constant manual effort to secure applications can be overwhelming. Echo steps in as your automated ally, delivering robust security processes without the manual burden.

Delegate Tasks, Save Time

In the pursuit of heightened control with less manual intervention, delegation becomes essential. While we can't assist in recruiting new staff, Echo seamlessly takes over critical tasks, consolidating data into a single dashboard and automating processes. This allows your IT team to reclaim valuable time for more strategic endeavors.

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Protect Against Evolving Threats

The risk profile in any IT department is an ever-evolving challenge. Malware, viruses, and hackers pose constant threats, and the quest for zero vulnerabilities can feel like an unreachable utopia. Echo, however, offers a tangible solution. By securing your applications, Echo shields your devices from potential vulnerabilities, providing a robust defense against both internal and external threats.


Autopilot Security with Echo

Echo transforms your security strategy by putting it on autopilot. Save your data and take swift action in crises, all while Echo manages the complexities of IT security. Our incident tool empowers you to navigate emergencies effortlessly.


Real-Time Documentation and Compliance

Traditional security systems often miss discrepancies, leaving companies exposed. Echo changes this by providing real-time documentation and compliance reports. Risk Management teams gain a comprehensive view of security product conditions, delivered in customizable formats such as tickets, alarms, notifications, or intuitive dashboards.


Baseline Application Security

Echo's cornerstone is ensuring your devices consistently have the right baseline applications installed and updated. Critical applications like MEM-agent, BitLocker, antimalware clients, OS patches, and Intune are actively monitored. Echo empowers you to see all devices and configurations in a unified dashboard, regardless of platform or geographic location.

Automate Updates, Eliminate Vulnerabilities

Manual work associated with keeping applications updated becomes obsolete with Echo. No longer reliant on deployment tools or end-users, Echo notifies you of any changes. Whether a device falls behind on updates or a program becomes inactive, Echo keeps you informed, saving time and eliminating vulnerabilities on end-user devices.


Put Manual Control on Autopilot

Echo is your gateway to automated security. Shift your focus from manual upkeep to strategic initiatives. With Echo, you're alerted precisely when action is required, freeing your team to tackle more impactful tasks.

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“We are at peace regarding the location of missing units because we can always find them when they are turned on. This gives us a good gut feeling as for security."

Kim Sørensen, IT Operations Manager, the Danish Chamber of Commerce

linkedin Coordinator

Data directly from factory embedded source

Echo is already on the devices - now it's up to you to activate it

One of the greatest advantages to Echo is the fact that your data comes directly from the devices and not from different systems which can only deliver half truths. We deliver one source of truth which is always uptodate and correct. The best thing about it is, that Echo is already installed on your devices - it is merely up to you to activate it and utilize it.

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What do our customers say?

This gives us a good gut feeling about our security. If something goes wrong and if something gets stolen, we have to make a GDPR case of it, and then we can make sure that it is bitlocked and that we meet all requirements, and our data is safe.

Kim Sørensen
Dansk Erhverv

If we are unfortunate and lose a computer, we can freeze it remotely. We can retrieve the contents of the computer to the company. And we can delete everything on it, as soon as the computer hits the internet. This is of utmost importance for our critical data and for our GDPR commitment.

Morten Andersen

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