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Embrace Sustainable IT

In today’s rapidly evolving corporate landscape, environmental considerations have become pivotal. At the forefront of this transformation is the urgent need for companies to reduce their CO2 emissions and adopt sustainable practices in every facet of their operations. At NetCloud, it is important to promote sustainable IT solutions and help make a positive contribution to climate protection. Echo stands as a beacon of innovation, guiding businesses toward a greener future through enhanced endpoint asset management.

Traditional IT asset management primarily aims at optimizing the utilization of diverse devices. This strategy is crucial as it enhances resource efficiency, minimizes waste, and contributes to emission reduction.

Yet, the scope of contemporary asset management surpasses merely monitoring asset utilization. It encompasses the entire spectrum of procurement and disposal procedures. For environmental sustainability, it's essential for businesses to grasp the full lifecycle of their assets comprehensively. In this context, advanced IT Asset Management tools offer invaluable assistance to reaching sustainable IT.

- Sustainable IT Asset Management -
The Echo Advantage

Echo is not just about securing and managing your digital assets; it’s about redefining how businesses approach their environmental responsibilities. By integrating the              cradle-to-cradle philosophy into endpoint asset management, Echo empowers companies to not only minimize their carbon footprint but also to embrace circularity in their IT infrastructure.

- Reducing CO2 Emissions -
Every Byte Counts

The digital footprint of businesses is larger than ever, with endpoint devices contributing significantly to global CO2 emissions. Echo’s cutting-edge platform enables companies to meticulously track and manage the lifecycle of these devices, identifying opportunities to reduce energy consumption, prolong device lifespan, and ensure responsible disposal or recycling—turning the tide on unnecessary carbon emissions.

- Cradle to Cradle -
A New Paradigm in ITAM

Echo champions the cradle-to-cradle approach, advocating for the design and usage of endpoints in a manner that they can either be repurposed, recycled, or safely returned to the environment at the end of their lifecycle. This transformative approach not only mitigates waste but also supports the regeneration of valuable resources, aligning IT asset management with the principles of sustainability.


Why Cradle-to-Cradle?

Echo champions the cradle-to-cradle model, promoting a circular economy and sustainable IT asset management where every endpoint device is designed for a future of repurpose, recycle, or safe return to the earth. This approach is a game-changer, reducing waste and rejuvenating resources, aligning IT asset management with the pillars of sustainability.

Sustainability Meets Efficiency

With Echo, your business can achieve operational excellence without compromising on environmental integrity. Our platform enables smart decisions that not only enhance efficiency but also contribute positively to your Environmental goals. It's about making every byte count towards a greener planet.

Be a Sustainability Leader

Integrating Echo’s solutions elevates your company beyond environmental compliance, positioning you as a forward-thinking leader in sustainability. It’s an opportunity to reflect your commitment to the planet's future, making a tangible difference through your IT practices.

We invite you to join us on this journey toward sustainable IT asset management. Let’s work together to redefine the impact of digital infrastructure on the environment.

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With Echo on Your Side

Strategic Sustainability: Beyond Compliance

Adopting Echo’s solutions transcends mere compliance with environmental regulations. It positions your company as a leader in sustainability, reflecting a deep commitment to not just the future of your business, but the future of our planet. Echo enables you to integrate green goals seamlessly into your corporate strategy, demonstrating to stakeholders your dedication to meaningful change.


Operational Efficiency Meets Environmental Integrity

With Echo, optimizing your IT operations and your environmental impact go hand in hand. Our platform offers a comprehensive view of your endpoints, facilitating smart decisions that enhance efficiency while reducing your ecological footprint. From energy-efficient deployment strategies to extending the useful life of devices, Echo ensures your IT asset management practices contribute positively to your environmental objectives.

Tablet & flowers

- Dump the use-and-throw-away culture -

Producing the new endpoints that eventually become waste requires a large number of resources like metals, plastics, and glass. The process of creating those three resources requires a hefty volume of fossil fuels, chemicals, and water.

Take the creation of a desktop computer, for example. It takes 530 pounds of fossil fuels, 48 pounds of chemicals, and 1.5 tons of water to create a single computer.

Pounds of Fossil Fuels
Pounds of Chemicals
Pounds of Water

Transform Your Environmental Journey with Echo

Embark on a journey towards sustainability with Echo at your side. Embrace a future where your endpoint asset management not only drives your business forward but also champions the health of our environment. Let’s redefine what it means to be a sustainable, responsible business in the digital age.

What role can we take? Endpoints such as PCs and cell phones are a heavy burden on the environment and are seldomly utilized fully. And by reducing our spending on this equipment, we can reduce our ecological footprint. And on average, companies save 8% of their endpoint purchases by using Echo.

Order a free Proof of Concept today and let us show you a way to a more sustainable use of your existing and future endpoints.

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