NetCloud focuses on Echo – sells off NaaS business area to Wingmen Solutions

Wingmen Solutions boosts growth with a new business area: Takes over activities from NetCloud

The Danish Cisco partner Wingmen Solutions takes over a business area of the IT company NetCloud and thereby strengthens its position within Managed Services.

Wingmen Solutions has taken over the Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) business from NetCloud and is thus expanding its position within Managed Services. With the acquisition, the Danish Cisco partner marks its ambition to offer its customers full operation and service of their infrastructure.

"We have followed NetCloud's good work from the very beginning, so we did not hesitate to take the plunge when the opportunity to take over the NaaS activities presented itself. Acquisitions are an important part of our strategy, and NaaS in particular is a business area in which we have long wanted to further establish ourselves. Therefore, we also have a clear expectation that a strengthened Managed Service position will be a source of further growth in the future," says Kåre Christensen, CEO of Wingmen.

With the sale of the NaaS activities, NetCloud wants to focus its business on the IT asset management platform Echo, where the company is experiencing great growth.

"We know Wingmen very well, and there is no doubt that we have found the right partner to carry on the NaaS activities so that we can focus on Echo. At Wingmen, customers get access to more options within what they are in the market for, just as they get a more professional setup than they have today. The agreement is a win-win-win for all parties - not least for the customers," says Brian Luplau, CEO of NetCloud.

Solid operating organization at the back

Since its establishment in 2017, Wingmen has specialized in four technology areas: network, data center, security, and collaboration, where they manage IT infrastructure solutions. At the beginning of 2022, Wingmen sold part of the company to the Dutch capital fund Quadrum Capital and in that connection merged with the Dutch Avit Group. Through this, Wingmen has gained an operational organization which will now play an even bigger role than before.

"For years, we have helped our customers run their infrastructure for them, so they can focus on what they do best. Where it was initially simple services, we have continuously built on it, so that today we operate the full infrastructure. The takeover of NetCloud's NaaS activities is a natural superstructure for the work where, with a global operating organization, we can help them stand even stronger," says Asbjørn Højmark, CTO of Wingmen, and continues:

"At Wingmen, we firmly believe in the value of simplification and automation. It is a great advantage for customers that they can now run operations and service in the same place - and even through one contact person. In addition to the financial gain for the customers, we can ensure that they have exactly the solution that suits their setup and environment.”

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