Unlock Peace of Mind - Echo Enhances Your IT Security

In the ever-evolving landscape of IT security, crises can strike when you least expect them. Echo is your guardian, ensuring your data's safety and fortifying your organization against the unforeseen.

Safeguard Your Assets, Anytime, Anywhere

Imagine losing a device or facing a malicious cyber attack — Echo steps in as your digital hero. Whether it's securing sensitive data at rest, implementing robust encryption, or deploying essential applications, Echo ensures a fortress of protection. In times of crisis, devices can be swiftly wiped clean, shielding your business from potential threats.

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“We are at peace regarding the location of missing units because we can always find them when they are turned on. This gives us a good gut feeling as for security."

Kim Sørensen, IT Operations Manager, the Danish Chamber of Commerce

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Beyond Functionality, Echo Delivers True Value

At NetCloud, we recognize the challenges of navigating the intricate realm of IT security. No matter how diligently you safeguard servers and endpoints, the security journey is never truly complete. Echo, however, transcends mere functionality; it adds tangible value to your IT security strategy.


Emergency Break: Responding Swiftly When Damage Occurs

The danger lies in assuming everything is secure until proven otherwise. Applications may falter, fall victim to various factors, or worse — succumb to undetected hacks. Echo steps in as your proactive ally, notifying you of anomalies and often autonomously resolving issues, such as reinstating critical applications in real-time.

Endpoint protection

Lock, Freeze, and Render Devices Useless

In the face of a stolen endpoint, Echo gives you the power to act decisively. With a click, you can lock or freeze the device, rendering it useless to perpetrators. Your data remains secure, and potential threats are neutralized. Echo empowers you to take control, even in the most challenging situations.


Uninterrupted Security: No Room for Vulnerabilities

Consider the scenario of Windows updates temporarily compromising BitLocker. Echo's vigilant eye catches such vulnerabilities, ensuring your devices remain fortified. In critical situations, Echo takes charge, automatically repairing or reinstalling applications vital to your business. No manual intervention required — Echo keeps your defenses intact.


Echo: Elevating Your IT Security Strategy

Experience the peace of mind that comes with robust, automated security. Echo goes beyond being a solution; it's your ally in navigating the dynamic landscape of IT threats. Choose Echo to fortify your defenses, ensuring your business stays resilient and secure, no matter what challenges arise.

If you are ready to activate an emergency break in your company, call us at +45 8844 4247.

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Data directly from factory embedded source

Echo is already on the devices - now it's up to you to activate it

One of the best parts of Echo is that it is already factory embedded on your devices - it is now up to you to activate it and use it to secure your data and devices. Getting started is easy, and you will ensure both devices and data before, during and after possible attacks or leaks.

Contact us now, if you want to optimize your IT security.

What do our customers say?

This gives us a good gut feeling about our security. If something goes wrong and if something gets stolen, we have to make a GDPR case of it, and then we can make sure that it is bitlocked and that we meet all requirements, and our data is safe.

Kim Sørensen
Dansk Erhverv

If we are unfortunate and lose a computer, we can freeze it remotely. We can retrieve the contents of the computer to the company. And we can delete everything on it, as soon as the computer hits the internet. This is of utmost importance for our critical data and for our GDPR commitment.

Morten Andersen

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