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Optimize your company with a TOPdesk integration with Echo

Get the full benefits of TOPdesk with the integration to Echo

Access full control and insights to all of your devices with Echo

When you have activated Echo, you can receive all of your endpoint data and get it presented in TOPdesk. Without the integration the information could only be manually importen to TOPdesk by using a CSV file. But now, with this integration you can automatize your processes to secure correct data in realtime in your TOPdesk CMDB database.

All company devices will automatically be created in TOPdesk and all changes will dynamically update within a few minutes. This means, that you no longer have to worry about long manual processes and nightly import jobs. Echo also assists in creating automated processes e.g. creating tickets, when an endpoint is no longer compliant or in the onboarding or offboarding process.

Mobile View shown in TOPdesk

It is possible to be receive a lot of different information about your devices, and sort and report these on the data. The data can for example be:

  • Model
  • Username
  • Windows versions
  • Manufacturer
  • Harddisc size
  • Condition of Bitlocker
  • IP adresses
  • Guarantee
  • Battery capacity
  • Serial number
  • Location (country and city)
  • Co2 emissions

This is only a small selection of the data that can be gathered. This can of course be adapted your current needs.


Echo makes it really easy for you to keep track of the compliance on your units. This can be based on the company baseline of apps, if the device is encrypted, does it have an antimalware product installed and is the Microsoft Endpoint Manager functioning correctly.

A compliance check can consist of standard controls such as a Windows service check or a company specific control which can be more complex. A failed control can result in an automatized repair to establish your baseline to make the device compliant again.

It will be possible to see directly in TOPdesk if any device is compliant and the helpdesk can therefore also see the device condition right away when they are helping an end-user. The helpdesk can also see the full extent of devices allocated to each user, which makes the service faster and easier, and creates a smoother user experience.

It is possible to follow the company baseline by using the reporting system of TOPdesk. You can read more about compliance here.


Echo also has a number of security functions to keep your company data safe. Some of these functions are:

  • Lock device – In case of loss or theft the device can be locked remotely with a message of ownership on the screen
  • Delete device – As Echo is integrated on the motherboard, it is also possible to delete or overwrite all data on the harddrive remotely
  • Lokalize device – If the device is missing, it can be localized geographically
Echo TOPdesk integration

TOPdesk and relations

One of the pros of having all devices accessible in TOPdesk is that you can associate dependencies to the specific device. As an example you can associate a ticket to a PC and an application to a server.

With TOPdesk's IT Asset Management tool you can easily register what assets are dependant of each other. Is a server not working? Then it is possible that the applications connected to the server are not working either.

You will receive a single updated dashboard, that further gives you a lot of functionality to ensure the highest possible security level on your devices.

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