About Proof of Concepts (POCs)

A Proof of Concept will show you exactly how and where Echo can work for your company. All of your data in one place, automations and clever processes ahead. All it takes is a couple of hours of work from your IT department.

Data Collection

Realtime data on your endpoints and their applications - no matter where they are, who are using them and what network they are connected to.

Get an overview divided by end-user, geography, OS version or whatever metric is the most important to you.


Ensure that your chosen baseline of applications are always downloaded and updated on all devices from a central point and with no manual work.

Increase security levels by adding encryption, antimalware & antivirus to your baseline and create a safer workplace.


Start working on automatizing manual tasks like onboarding and continuous monitoring of the state of all devices. Free up time to do the most important work in your business.

Relying on automated tracking gives you time back to work on things that really move the needle!

Expected Results of POC

Work Load

You will receive correct and updated data realtime directly in Power BI or your preferred ITSM system.

You can there gather a complete overview of all devices (laptops and cellphones) in the helpdesk, you increase the security level on both endpoints and their data, support the work with compliance and you can start working on automatising processes.

Your IT department will use 2-4 hours in cooperation with the NetCloud developers on SCCM/Intune/AD deployment package to test devices.

Your IT department will then use a maximum of 2 hours to enroll SCCM/Intune/AD on all existing devices.

All remaining work is done by NetCloud.

Facts pulled directly from Forrester

Increase Incident Responses

A Forrester report shows that companies with Echo installed, can increase their security level significantly. At the same time, Security Operations staff saved 12 minutes per incident response with increased visibility of all devices and their applications.

Save Time & Money

The Forrester report also showed that IT helpdeks saved 10 minutes per request with increased and up-to-date information on the endpoints - while Asset Management procedures were optimized to save money throughout the entire device lifecycle.

Permanent Solution

Our track record so far is that more than 90% of our POCs result in a permanent agreement with Echo. We trust our product, and after a POC is made, so do the companies.

Result from Danish company with 7,000 endpoints

Statistics with and without Echo

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