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Do 5 to 8 per cent of your computers go missing each year? NetCloud is looking into what Danish companies do to create and maintain an overview of their computer and software fleet. Statistics show that 5 to 8 per cent of a company’s computer go missing each year, because they are either stolen, are lost or given to the kids, etc.

The purpose of the survey is to map how companies react when computers go missing and see how they keep in control of the software located on the computers.

If you are Head of It or Head of Security, CTO, Head of Procurement or the like and have 7 minutes to spend on answering a few questions, we will be happy to send you the report containing the survey’s aggregate results. Naturally, you will retain your anonymity.

You can find the questions here –

Thank you for participating.

About NetCloud

NetCloud supplies 100 per cent Managed Network-as-a-Service based on the company’s actual usage. We act as the customer’s expanded IT department and have the knowledge, experience, and volume to quickly scale your network up or down. As the only company in the world, we supply the patented network endpoint security solution of which you will hear more at today’s webinar.


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