Echos Mobile Integration gives you the full overview of the company's cell phones

It has become the norm to be equipped with not only a laptop but also with a cell phone, when entering a new company. The increased number of devices can make it difficult to work with IT security, compliance and asset management. Echo can not only help you control your laptops, but now also your mobile phones and tablets.

If you are already utilising Microsoft Intune as your Mobile Device/Application Management program, you can combine it with Echo to get the ultimate overview of your employees' devices - not only PCs and Macs but also all mobile devices with iOS, Android and more.

The data overview is created by gathering data from Intune and combine it with the data from PCs and Macs divided in userlevels.

Our experience shows that with Echo activated on laptops, you will get a positive ROI in less than 12 months based on optimizing device life cycles alone. The positive ROI can be reached even sooner by also using the Mobile Integration.

Combined overview user devices (laptops, cell phones and tablets)

Decide on a baseline of applications which should always be installed and updated on the devices - such as BitLocker and OS

History on device assignment (user) and utilization

Information to pinpoint under-utilized / stock devices

List stock candidate devices for re-assignment or decommission

Possibility to trigger notification in case of loss or unexpected use / baseline

Get control of your stock situation and avoid purchasing new items before it is needed

Mobile Solution
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Focus Areas for the Mobile Integration

Capacity Management

  • Replacement Planning
  • Device Utilization / Stock State
  • Purchase Forecasting

Availability Management

  • Lifecycle Health State - Predictive Maintenance
  • OS and Baseline Monitoring and Remediation

Life Cycle Management

  • Onboarding New User - Trigger device allocation from stock or push for device order
  • Automatically add/update user-to-asset mapping, when activated in echo
  • Offboarding user – Trigger device lock and “return-reminder” to local manager and helpdesk

Device Lifecycle

  • Create/update asset in AMDB, once detected activated by echo
  • Trigger notification, ticket or email when some custom state occurs
  • Trace replacement state when replacing hardware with active users
  • Offboard and decomission asset in AMDB, when echo runs deactivation and registers broker confirmation
  • Continous stock state for device, based on last event, utilization, replacement status or custom integration (ITSM / QR scanner etc.)
Asset Management

Live Data from the most reliable source - the device itself

Did you know, that more than 60% are in control of less than 75% of their devices? That enormous leap is a safety risk and an economic bomb under the company. Do you also want to see the exact state of your company, then book a meeting with one of our advisors now.

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