Free aid packages


Many manufacturers right now offer free services for the many companies that have employees working from home. In the section below, we have described some of the opportunities available at right now.


Many companies have not dimensioned their infrastructure to handling the many current remote users. Our customers have gone from 10-20 per cent to 50-60 per cent now constantly being logged on. Cisco offers free licences for those that already have a Cisco firewall. Their remote VPN client is called ”Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client”.

For those that do not have a Cisco product or a firewall which cannot cope with the new workload, Palo Alto offers a VPN client solution from their cloud service that removes loads from the company’s firewall/VPN gateway.

Link to: Cisco AnyConnect – License Self-Service


In the security area, Cisco offers its Umbrella solution for now up to 90 days which may protect your work from home workplace, whether you are connected to the company’s network or not.

Another form of protection that increases security is DUO, also from Cisco, which is used to increase access complexity via multifactor. Some people are unfortunately trying to take advantage of the present situation, so one more layer of security will definitely be of help to companies.

Umbrella and DUO
NetCloud is an official MSP for both these products and may help you with free trial versions. Contact us or phone 88 44 42 47 to get started today.


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