Law firm can track missing PCs and retrieve important data home

Using NetCloud’s endpoint solution, Accura has achieved a complete overview of the law firm’s computer fleet.



Thanks to a unique endpoint solution Accura’s Head of IT finally has a comprehensive overview of the law firm’s entire fleet of computers.

The solution has tracked and retrieved lost computers many times, and data has been secured every time. “Every company and organisation should have such an endpoint solution,” Morten Andersen is adamant.

“Computers are an important working tool in our business. The lawyers at Accura use the computers in their work so they contain potentially critical data. So, we have built a defence mechanism where we remain in full control of the units, also if it happens that we are no longer in possession of them,” says Morten Andersen, Head of IT at Accura.

The solution is a unique endpoint solution that offers Morten Andersen and his team end-to-end visibility of Accura’s fleet of computers.

Data is retrieved or deleted

“We can always see where each and every one of our PCs is located. If we are unfortunate and lose a computer, we can freeze it remotely. We can retrieve the contents of the computer to the company. And we can delete everything on it, as soon as the computer hits the internet. No matter where in the world it is located. This is vital to our critical data and to our compliance with GDPR.”

Accura also uses the endpoint solution to identify which software has been rolled out on the individual computers. Both the volume and the type of hardware and software can be managed via the solution that offers a full overview of the assets – from cradle to grave.

The hunt for missing PCs

Morten Andersen has been able to follow from his own PC how stolen PCs from Accura have been tried to be activated in countries around the world. In Togo, an Accura computer suddenly appeared as the reception computer in a hotel. And another computer was tracked to a car sales shop in Iran. The latest example is a computer that appeared in Poland and which Accura has recently received back by Post Nord sent from the country.

The moment someone tries to turn on a missing computer and access the internet, Morten Andersen and his staff can make a message appear on the computer screen In it, they ask that the computer is returned to Accura’s headquarters in Hellerup, north of Copenhagen. And potentially, they may succeed in getting most of their computers back to Denmark again.

We Are in Control

“And of course we are happy about that,” says Morten Andersen, while pointing out that the crucial thing for Accura is the security that lies in the fact that the company has control over data that could be on the PCs – which is hard to avoid in a busy day.

“In a company such as Accura, confidentiality is a key word. In connection with their counselling, our lawyers have access to sensitive information. This cannot get into the wrong hands, and our endpoint solution protects us from that.”

An extraordinarily high level of security is a part of Accura’s DNA as a company. And it is also a competitive edge.

“Our client list contains a number of large, renowned companies from all over the world. They have one thing in common, namely that they set extremely high standards for our security. We have been through many audits where they have tested our infrastructure. And every time, we are at the top of the grade chart.”

The endpoint solution is a central element in Accura’s IT security strategy and according to Morten Andersen, there is no reason to think twice.

About Accura

Accura counts among Denmark’s leading law firms. The firm offers counselling to a number of large national and multi-national business clients, financial institutions, private equity funds, state-owned investment funds, utilities, public authorities, governments and private companies and their owners.

"Everyone should invest in an endpoint solution like ours. There is really no argument for not doing so. The solution makes the IT department’s work easier and it means that I never have to be nervous – even when our computers go missing. I can shut it all down with a moment's notice and thus secure Accura's data."

Head of IT at Accura

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