27 May 2020: Get an Overview of Your Fleet of Computers

Date: Wednesday May 27th
Time: 10: 00–10: 45
Where: In front of your computer
Registration: Register here

Between eight and twelve per cent of all computer go missing from public and private companies in Denmark. They change owners without being properly registered by the company. Sometimes they are inadvertently lost by employees. Or they are stolen.

At this webinar you can hear more about how to localise missing computers, lock or delete them, retrieve data from them or scan them for data which should not be accessible to other partries than the computer’s owner. Everything is done via a solution which is already located on the motherboard of your Lenovo, Dell and HP endpoints.

The solution is easily activated, and the business case is very convincing. If you participate in the webinar, you can test the possibilities for 90 days for free . NetCloud’s consultants see to it that the solution is activated and ready to go in 48 hours.

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About NetCloud

NetCloud supplies 100 per cent Managed Network-as-a-Service based on the company’s actual usage. We act as the customer’s expanded IT department and have the knowledge, experience, and volume to quickly scale your network up or down. As the only company in the world, we supply the patented network endpoint security solution of which you will hear more at today’s webinar.


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