Network as a Service

NetCloud supplies hardware, installation, and monitoring of the company’s network at a fixed price – with all costs included.

Service Packages

Our base price covers the following:

In addition to our base service, we offer especially customer-tailored services (expanded office hours, reports, and functionality).

Why Netcloud?

The purpose of choosing Managed Network as Service from NetCloud could be:

Getting access to the right competence

Frequently, a network is a ”live installation” where demands change constantly Retaining internal competence in all areas relating to network (cable, wireless, security and IT standards) can be a challenge. Especially if you do not have dedicated network people in the organisation.

Avoid setup challenges

As a part of the service, NetCloud is happy to offer roll-out and installation of the network. This applies both to the logistics surrounding physical equipment, location access, contact to internet suppliers and information four your users.

The service is a single-point-of-contact

Regardless of the kind of question, troubleshooting or changes, you only need to contact one support centre!
At NetCloud we have central access to equipment, troubleshooting and forwarding of new equipment for you. You do not have to worry about time usage, warranties or other supplier contacts. We take care of everything through our consolidated point of contact..

Do you want to know more
about the solution?

Contact Brian - he will tell you more about Network as a Service.

Brian Luplau
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